There are over 100 water damage cases in Finland every day!

Annually, insurance companies pay out €162 million for water damage claims.
Get a Veimart leak guard and you can rest easy. Veimart will be on guard day and night, preventing typical water leaks without any action required from you after installation. This may well save you from expensive and premature pipe repairs.


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Leak detection is always on once the Veimart leak guard is activated. This is as simple as things get.


The Veimart leak guard will detect even the smallest leaks. Just one drop every two minutes will trigger the leak guard.


The Veimart system only requires one socket outlet and as little as 160 millimetres of room in your plumbing by the water meter. The electrical connections use plug connectors. There is no huge manual. The device is always on.


The water main can be permanently shut off with Away mode. Your home is safe, even when you are on holiday!


The Veimart system is a small investment compared to the risks. Veimart also promotes frugal water use, if you set the maximum flow time to five minutes or so (maximum continuous water flow). Please note! Don't forget to claim tax credit for household expenses!

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Eikka can sleep soundly at night!

Eikka bought a Veimart for his home. See what they think of the product and the need for a leak guard in general.
– Eikka

One of the best purchases I have made!

After staying up all night, I am more than pleased to find out that the nocturnal leaks were two leaky toilet float valves. We were quite happy to discover that, and that our plumbing is otherwise intact. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made, on par with our air source heat pump and the Husqvarna lawnmower robot. We can always leave our home with confidence when we press the Away button.
– Pekka Artturi Elo, Riistavesi, Finland

My home is very important to me!

Veimart has given me peace of mind! I trust it to guard my home against water damage. Veimart has detected the odd toilet or garden hose leak and shut off the water main. This has convinced me that the system really works. I will be taking a vacation in January with confidence. When I press the Away button, I know my worries end there.
– Hannele Kurkela, Oulu, Finland

Every building should have a Veimart

Veimart is easy to install and use. The product's development clearly took the installer into account. The product will fit in tight spaces as well. This system should be in every building, as it provides such good protection.
– Perttu Pikkarainen, plumbing contractor, LVI-JPTEC Oy

An excellent device!

Veimart works beautifully; the tap was leaking after my morning shower, and as the rest of the family was getting up, the water had been turned off.
– Mika Friman, Vihti, Finland