Veimart Vesivuotovahti

We like to think of Finland, now 100 years old, as a country where things are done properly, but statistics show that there are, on average, 100 cases of water damage every day. This is not even the complete picture, as any cases where insurance claims are not made are also not recorded. This is a rather significant economic issue.

Water damage is often a nasty surprise, and people have not prepared for it financially. Luckily, we do have insurance, but it is a different story how easy it is to find justice through the claims process. Was the damage unpredictable, was it caused by negligence, was the installation done properly,
should the plumber pay, or maybe the house's owner, and so on.

And whatever you do to repair the damage, no matter how well, the house tends to be labelled as water damaged. This may negatively impact its value at sale.

Many indoor air issues have been caused by gradual leaks that have not been detected in time. It is notoriously difficult to investigate indoor air issues. Often the people's mental state is questioned when their symptoms continue even after the damage has been repaired.

The purchase of a leak guard is a very affordable investment compared to the value it offers.

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