Veimart Vesivuotovahti

"We are currently doing free plumbing checks in your area, would you be interested?" Does this sound familiar to you? Before you know it, you may start feeling that your household plumbing is close to collapse and you are risking huge water damage. Fortunately, most pipe repairs are still based on actual need and not a clever sales pitch!

So how do you know when you actually should replace your pipes? Washing machine hose connections are typical sites for leaks, but leaks may also happen out of sight. There are many pipe connections, and one may have come loose on its own. A prolonged leak may cause significant damage to floors and walls. Many domestic mould problems have started with a little seepage that could have been detected with modern technology.

Veimart will detect the smallest leaks in domestic plumbing. Once a leak is detected, water is cut off until the control unit's reset button is pressed. Water damage prevented, every time. Once a Veimart unit is installed, it is automatically on and does not need to be started or stopped.
Once a fault has been detected, you have a good reason to repair your plumbing – typically at a cost of several thousand euros. Our leak guard costs €720 (not including installation).

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