Veimart Vesivuotovahti

Shouting through the bathroom door is a frequent occurrence in many families when a family member is hogging the shower. The sound of running water might as well be the sound of cash rushing down the drain. Lounging in a hot shower is the most expensive way to live! What do you think would happen if a family of three could adjust their daily showers and cut down their 15-minute sessions to half that? This would save a tidy sum – approximately €600 each year! This might sound like a lot.
The Veimart leak guard can be programmed to cut off water after a pre-set continuous flow limit is exceeded. If you set the limit to ten minutes but then ignore it
the next time you take a shower, you will probably remember to
close the tap on time, so that you can avoid having to reset the leak guard with a shampooed head!
Many homes will also run into problems with sufficient hot water supply if showering times are excessive.

The calculation above is based on the following figures:
SHOWER 0.2 L/s = 12 L/min (50/50 hot and cold water)
Cold water costs €3.50/m3 (clean water 1.52, grey water 1.98)
Hot water costs €8/m3 (average price using district heating)

ORIGINAL USE 15 min -> NEW USE 7.5 min
COLD WATER 90 L/shower x 365 x 3 people -> 45 L/shower x 365 x 3 people
100 m3/year -> 50 m3/year
€350/year -> €175/year

HOT WATER 100 m3/year -> 50 m3/year
€850/year -> €425/year
TOTAL €1,200/year -> €600/year
SAVINGS: €600/year

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