Frequently asked questions

What sort of buildings and property is Veimart intended for?

Detached houses, row houses and flats with dedicated water meters, as well as business premises. To detect tiny seeping leaks, the property needs to have a period of at least a few hours a day when no water is used.

What is the benefit of the Away mode?

The Away mode forces the solenoid valve shut; this prevents it from opening if, for example, a pipe connection suddenly fails. This would appear as normal water use to the system, but the accident is hence completely prevented. If a leak has occurred during Away mode, the system requires a reset before water supply can resume.

What is the purpose of the maximum time limit?

Many water damage cases have started with a tap or shower that has been left running. Veimart will shut off the main if continuous water flow time exceeds the maximum limit set in the control unit. Awareness of the maximum limit will also promote responsible water use in, for example, the shower. When all the taps are closed, the timer resets.

What is the extra time marked on the control unit?

If you need to use water for longer than the maximum limit you have set with the middle button, you can use the extra time button to temporarily add more time. You can add one to four hours of extra time on top of the maximum limit. For example, this can be used to run sprinklers at night. Veimart will shut off the main when the maximum limit and the extra time have expired.

Can I accidentally trip the guard and stop water flow?

If a tap is opened at a low flow and kept open until the internal Veimart surge tank empties, the system sees this as a leak and stops the solenoid valve from opening without a reset of the control unit. The newest Veimart VM-10 firmware version (2.0 onwards), the leak guard will activate with a ten-minute delay from the moment Veimart detects that normal water use has stopped. This allows very limited use of water when, for example, you brush your teeth.
The newest control units have a Test button on their face plate.

In firmware version 1.0 (control unit features a Start Delay button), the leak guard function start delay can be set (requires the tap to have been opened first). We recommend a start delay of around eight minutes to avoid unnecessary resets.

There is no leak, but Veimart keeps asking for a reset. Why?

Special care must be taken to bleed the pipes during installation. Air must be released from all the taps. Hydrants are an example of oft-neglected taps.
Unfinished buildings may also have air in the plugged parts of the plumbing.

Air pockets in the pipes may cause reverse flow in the network when taps are opened at low flow, preventing Veimart from reliably recognising that a tap has been opened.

Who is allowed to install Veimart?

The electrical installation can be made by anyone, as the device uses a socket-installed power supply (24 VDC). All connections use plug connectors. All plumbing work should be done by professionals!

Is there no other alarm for seepage than a mains shut-off?

Veimart can only indicate a seeping leak by shutting off the main. This requires the user to press the control unit's reset button to resume water flow.

How can I best locate a leak?

First, check your toilets. If the bottom valve is leaking, the toilet's reservoir may be constantly filling at a low rate. Place a piece of toilet paper on the wall of the toilet seat; if it gets wet, there is a leak. Typical leaks also include washing machine hose connections, leaking taps and old pipes in general. The domestic network relief valve may also have a leak. If your domestic water system includes a pressure gauge, you can also use that to detect a leak. Close the main valve and see if the pressure drops (do not open taps).

What will happen during a power cut?

Veimart will operate during power cuts, as power loss will result in the solenoid valve staying shut. If water supply is needed during a power cut, you can open the bypass valve manually. To open the valve, align the lever with the device body. Once the power cut is over, remember to return the lever to the shut position to resume leak guard function.

Is this a domestic product?

Veimart is a patented Finnish innovation, and we have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol in recognition of our Finnish manufacturing.

Does Veimart retain its settings after a power cut?


How can Veimart be serviced?

All electrical connections use plug connectors, allowing faulty parts to be easily replaced. Any heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical contractor can service Veimart.

Can I leave out the insulating cover if it does not fit?

The insulating cover has two purposes: it protects components during transport and seals off condensation. The case is not necessary to install, so you may leave it out if it cannot fit.

Can Veimart be installed in any orientation?

Yes. Veimart is not sensitive to orientation.

Is it possible that Veimart interprets normal relief valve operation as a leak and shuts off water?

Relief valves are used to release excess pressure generated by the thermal expansion of water. If the relief valve is faulty (releases constantly), a weaker fill flow may cause the leak guard surge tank to empty, triggering seepage detection and requiring Veimart to be reset. Repair the relief valve to solve the problem.

Which side of relief valve should I install Veimart on?

For optimal results, install Veimart immediately after the water meter and before the relief valve. The lower the water's pressure, the smaller its volume in Veimart's surge tank, making the device more sensitive to trigger and require a reset. Normal operation requires a pipe system pressure of at least 3.5 bar.

Can Veimart be used with private wells (domestic water supply pumps)?

Yes. Just make sure the pump has adequate starting pressure (minimum 3.5 bar). If the pressure is too low, Veimart may cut off water prematurely due to the insufficient operating range of the surge tank.