Personal Data Act (523/1999) section 10

Date of creation 22 December 2016

1. Data controller

Veimart Oy
Takatie 6, 90450 Kempele
+358 44 974 5813

2. Contact person for matters regarding the register

Jarkko Jokelainen
Takatie 6, 90450 Kempele
+358 44 974 5813

3. Name of the register

Veimart Oy customer database.

4. Purpose for processing personal information

Personal information is used to manage and archive orders, maintain customer relationships and for marketing as permitted by the person. Personal information is handled with respect to the Finnish Personal Data Act.

5. Information in the register

The database includes personal information (name and contact information) and order information (the products and service bought by the person and their delivery and invoicing).

6. Regular information sources

The information is primarily gathered from orders made in the online shop.

7. Regular disclosure of information

The information is not disclosed to third parties.

8. Transfer of information outside the EU or the EEA

The information is not transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

9. Register protection principles

A. Manual materials
All manual materials containing personal information are kept in a locked space.
B. Computerised information
The information is password-protected and available to select persons within the organisation.