1 Prevents typical damage from water leaks

Every year, seeping leaks are the cause of nasty surprises in thousands of homes. These leaks cause water damage in walls and ceilings that often results in mould and indoor air problems, as well as endless grey hairs and monetary losses. Veimart devices will detect and stop even the smallest leaks.

2 Detects abnormal water use

If a tap is left running or a bigger leak occurs, Veimart will shut off the water main on a timer, preventing greater damage. The maximum time for constant flow can be set with the control unit.

3 Detects leaky toilets

Leaking toilets add unnecessary consumption to your water bill, especially if the leak is not detected and repaired on time. A constantly leaking toilet may use up more than 1,000 litres daily – an annual bill of over €1,200! If Veimart detects such a situation, it will close off the main, allowing the fault and leak to be located. Flow can be resumed with the press of a button.

4 An Away mode to prevent all water damage

You can use the Away mode to shut off the water main whenever you want to. This prevents leaks that would appear as normal use from opening the solenoid valve. The function is intended for extended absences from the home. Leak detection still functions in Away mode. The Away mode can be triggered remotely using a wired remote control button and the extender unit (available separately).

5 Always on for uninterrupted peace of mind

The Veimart leak guard requires no manual start-up: it will operate automatically once installed. You can still get water during a power cut by turning the manual valve in line with the device's housing.

6 Reduces hydraulic shock in pipes

Washing machines and single lever taps may cause hydraulic shocks ("water hammer"). These shocks can be heard as a slamming sound, and they will gradually loosen pipe connections. The Veimart surge tank also acts to reduce these shocks.

7 Easy to use

There is no need for a huge manual. Users only need to decide one thing: the maximum duration of constant flow (the time limit setting).

8 Easy to install

Everything has been planned out, even for the plumber. First, remove a length of pipe downstream of the water meter and insert the Veimart device. Then mount the control unit, insert the connector and plug in the 24 V power supply. That's it – Veimart is good to go!

9 Accessories for more functionality

The extender unit allows more sensors to be connected to the Veimart system, and for the Veimart system to be added as part of building automation. Remote reset buttons and Away mode buttons are also available. Extension cords (VMC-5, VMC-10 and VMC-20) allow installation of the control unit in a more convenient location.

10 Affordable Save on water!

A small investment for great peace of mind. Veimart costs as little as €720 (suggested price). Your valuable home is now safe! Veimart helps you save water with the maximum duration setting. For a family of three, reducing daily personal shower times from 15 minutes to 7.5 minutes saves around €600 annually!

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